Welcome to infraredmusic

Hello. My name is Richard Scott. I am a musician/composer living in Berlin working with the Buchla Lightning II midi controller along with a bunch of other analogue and digital stuff. I am also working on supplementing the Lightning’s rods alongside Nintendo Wiimote handsets. Although one is a $2000 musical instrument and the other a $40 toy the technology is more or less the same so I am wondering how far the Lightning could even be replaced by the wiimotes, in combination with STEIM’s junxion software for example  which translates the ouput from the wiimotes into midi data that could be used to control any hardware or software midi instrument or plugin. A little nutty video of me playing the Buchla Lightning with STEIMs LiSa sampling software is here

One this one I am playing something like a steel guitar sound – probably on a yamaha VL70.

Mostly I play the kind of improvised and experimental music which draws sarcastic comments from drunk guys on the web – who don’t seem able to see that there is also a certain humour behind it. But that’s just what I do. These infrared instruments can potentially be used with more conventional kinds of electronic music too – though I’m damned if I’d want to try to play jazz with ’em.

i HOPE OTHER LIGHTNING AND WIIMOTE USERS WILL SAY HELLO. it would be good to have a place to exchange information on the web.



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