some lightning links

Joel Davel’s page is here.

He worked (works?) on the Lightning II with Don Buchla, including the presets. I don’t have any links to his music.  Anyone know of anything out there? Or links to audio or video of anyone else using the lightning??

Create Digital Music have a bit of history of infrared and other movement controllers here.

I have a bunch of clips from a gig with One Man Nation in Amsterdam earlier in the year . It was the first time I performed with LiSa, mostly with a lot of EMS VCS3 and other modular synth samples. I’m using some onboard sounds too, and an Akai MPC1000 everything running through a Korg Kaoss 3. At one point someone in the audience actually starts up a large motorcycle and drives off – halfway through my solo too. Which is why we look a bit surprised. Its an entirely improvised set, Marc’s using a Monome and Ableton Live

Johan Boberg is selling a Lightning II here. They don’t come up for sale very often. In fact its only the second one I’ve seen for sale in the past 3 years. It looks very nice.


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