some of my compositions with the buchla lightning

Most of the videos I have linked to so far seem to portray me as some kind of crazed stick flailing lunatic. I may in fact be that, but anyway I have linked these three compositions here to broaden the picture

Two tracks are from a forthcoming vinyl album on inuitu records called “Let’s Make A Solar System” by Twinkle3 which is myself, and David Ross playing a bunch of instruments and Clive Bell playing shakuhachi flute.

Let’s Make A Solar System: step4 is a somewhere between a bass solo and a chamber piece. It was played live in one take on Buchla Lightning controlling an Akai sampler with an Eventide Eclipse modulating some delays. Maybe I was thinking about Gary Peacock.

Let’s Make A Solar System: step5 features David Ross on tremeloa (an obscure one-stringed hawaiian slide guitar), and hang (steel pan drum) and myself on Lightning. The Lightning is restricted to the hovering orchestral (string and woodwind) sections and the more soloistic somewhere-between-a-harp-and-guitar plucked sounds. I am also controlling a Sequentix P3 sequencer doing all things analogue, bleepy and squealchy. This, incidently, is the music I would like to have played at my funeral. To me its really quite heavenly and if I want to say anything in music this is probably it. Dave and I both like Ornette Coleman a lot, it doesn’t sound anything like his him, but I would like to think he would understand where we are coming from with this piece….

But getting back to the point: both these tracks show that the Lightning can handle more “musical” elements like pitch and dynamics pretty well.

The third piece was an outtake from my CD Heartmap (docdic records) and a few years old. It features the Lightning controlling some severe metallic plucking sounds from a Clavia Nord G2 modular, which is then being heavily effected and pitch-shifted on an eventide eclipse. The rhythm is coming from something (probably a Oberheim Cyclone) sequencing an Alesis Andromeda which gives a bit of a softer analog bed to all the digitalness. I am not sure where this piece goes, mostly it hovers, it wants to be ambient but its too nervous, but then its not really nervous enough to break free of its constraints. The piece is too stuck in itself for that CD, which has a strong theme of memory and melencholy, but I still quite like it.


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2 Responses to “some of my compositions with the buchla lightning”

  1. Bryan Seattle Says:

    This is some very nice work. I’d love it if you’d post more. I see from your note that the Lightning 3 is out, maybe. I am thinking on it!


    • funkychorlton Says:

      tHANKS BRYAN. I am currently at Steim in amsterdam continuing my residency, with the the buchla, wiis an eventide and a Nord Modular. i think new recordings must be coming soon! Richard

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